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1:1 coaching & mentoring

I am utterly convinced that craft can save the world – want in?

Not only do I believe that craft – and craftspeople – can save the world, but that you'll have a bigger impact if you do it imperfectly, while playing to your strengths and having fun.

Working with me 1:1 means a completely bespoke experience where we get to figure out what that looks like – for you.


‘Katie has all the right ingredients to make amazing things happen. Her non-traditional and highly creative approach is both refreshingly honest and well thought out. Her infectious energy and passion are a huge plus for anyone who aspires to bigger thinking.’

– David Angelo, David
& Goliath



  • The environmental crisis is not your fault. We do, however, have a responsibility – and an exciting opportunity – to be the generation that finally looks it in the eye and brings about genuine change.
  • The planet doesn’t need a few of us doing this perfectly – it needs all of us trying and failing and trying again. I value progress over perfection.
  • There is no silver bullet solution and technology is not going to save us. We need a diversity of creative minds working on multiple solutions.
  • Guilt and duty do not engender creativity and problem-solving. Let’s step back into the wide-eyed curiosity, collaboration and experimentation that drew us to craft and design in the first place.
  • There is no “right” way to be sustainable – there are always compromises. It’s about making informed decisions that align with your personal values.

You are absolutely capable of saving the planet – you are just not going to do it on your own.

You get to decide what your (probably tiny, but no less significant for it!) contribution is going to be – and it gets to be fun, aligned with your values and something that regenerates you as well as the planet.

Join me for a conversation that cuts through the eco-shaming, greenwashing and overwhelm to map out a clear path towards your unique contrition to environmentalism.

And spoiler alert – that’s not going to look like anyone else’s path, which is why 1:1 work is so powerful – the experience will be completely tailored to you.

Environmentalism work often feels like swimming upstream – and there will be plenty of people who tell you it’s too hard, or it’s not worth it. 

1:1 work with me gives you someone in your corner – someone who can reflect back to you the incredible work you’re already doing. 

I can offer another pair of eyes and ears to explore your options without prejudice or agenda, as a ‘critical friend.’ 

I will ask powerful questions to help you find the best answers – for you.

Our calls will hold you accountable to carving out time for this work and move at your pace.

Together, we will dig deep and find your confidence to get really specific about your unique contribution.

You don’t have to choose between you, your business and the planet – get everything pointing in the right direction and all three can thrive. 


  • A judgement-free approach that meets you where you are
  • A commitment to progress over perfection and cultivating defiant hope
  • A combination of powerful questions to help you find your own answers and pragmatic advice drawing on 20 years’ experience in the creative industries and  thousands of interviews with designers, makers, artists and craftspeople
  • Circular economy training with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • A Master’s degree from the University of Oxford in which I specialised in craft, design and sustainably and (brag alert!) graduated with a distinction

Whether you engage an environmental consultancy for tens of thousands of pounds or put together a more informal plan yourself from your own research, most approaches involve diving straight into the facts and figures without factoring in how you feel about all this stuff.

But research shows that climate anxiety, environmental grief and ‘analysis paralysis’ are all very real factors that are actually stopping us from becoming more sustainable.

1:1 consultancy, coaching and mentoring work with me will of course include evidence-based advice and mentoring based on my years of experience in this space, but it will also meet you where you are with coaching that makes space for the emotional journey that is just as necessary as the practical steps.


  • Your whole nuanced, contradictory imperfect self 
  • A commitment to progress over perfection and cultivating defiant hope
  • A sense of openness to new ideas, ways of being, and ways of doing 
  • A commitment to doing any pre-work and homework as well as being fully present for sessions by showing up on time, well prepared, free from distraction, and ready to get stuck in
  • A healthy dose of self-compassion when these things don’t quite all line up 


Depending on where you are in your sustainability journey and your own approach to learning and development, you will have different needs and preferences. That’s why I have three different offers for you, each intended to meet you where you’re at.

So, let’s do this, shall we?



This 60–90-minute session is for you if there is one area you would like to explore with me – it might be a specific barrier to sustainability you’re experiencing, a new product idea, a change in direction, or even finding your niche or your purpose.

This session includes a pre-call questionnaire for you to complete, followed by a 60-minute Zoom session with the option of an additional 30 minutes to either extend the conversation or for me to look into further resources for you. Plus you get a full day of Voxer support on the day of the call. (Voxer is a ‘walkie talkie’ style app that enables us to exchange text messages and voice notes.)

£550 + VAT



A full day of digging into where you are on your Path to Sustainability and what’s getting in your way, while making sure your business or creative practice is aligned with your values, and can regenerate not only the planet, but you too.

This includes a pre-call questionnaire for you to complete followed by a full day together (2 x two-hour sessions 10 am–12 noon and 2 pm–4 pm on Zoom with a break in between to get outside and move our bodies) plus Voxer support for the week after the call. (Voxer is a ‘walkie-talkie’ style app that enables us to exchange text messages and voice notes.)

£1,500 + VAT



You’re ready to make a big impact and invest in bringing your business or creative practice in line with your personal values, joining the circular economy and becoming fully sustainable.

This includes 6 months of monthly 1:1 45-minute coaching and mentoring calls, plus unlimited Voxer support. (Voxer is a ‘walkie-talkie’ style app that enables us to exchange text messages and voice notes.) PLUS complimentary membership of Making Design Circular

£550 + VAT pcm x 6 months or £3,300

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